Are you interested in serious discussions on the hottest new issues and ideas with some of the most interesting thought leaders? 

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Would you like to explore the relationship between thought and creativity, or artistic expression and spirituality?

Would you like to have conversations with philosophers, theologians, writers, or other experts and professionals without having to enroll formally in college classes or go the "continuing education" route? 

Do you have knowledge or expertise in a variety of topics from counseling to the arts to  the latest good literature? 

Are you tired of book clubs, Bible studies, group therapy sessions, movie nights, museum lectures, etc., etc. and would like to engage different kinds of minds on different subjects in a lively atmosphere of mutual engagement and stimulation? 

Then join us at Wingsoar.  We meet at different locations around the country.

Or schedule a seminar that you design, or run by one of our instructors, at the Wings of the Eagle Retreat House by the beach on the north shore of Lake Texoma (Texas-Oklahoma border, 2 hours north of Dallas and south of Oklahoma City).

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